We are Moving!!

We are moving!

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Dear Subscribers,

We wish to thank you, our loyal subscribers and followers, for your ongoing support.

Yes, we are moving! We’ve decided to move our blog to a self-hosted WordPress dot org platform. With all the new services we want to provide, the best option was to move. There will be some functionality we’ll be losing out on but in return, we will be getting a lot more freedom to implement our new initiatives.

As of Monday 26 May 2014, we will be posting from our new http://www.runningthecape.com website. Please make sure that you update your subscriptions by connecting to the new site. Please also let us know what you think of the new site layout?

A lot has happened over the last few months and we are very excited to bring you a new level of service. We’ll have a few more contributors and can promise that the writing will be better and will cover a wider range😉. More information will be released over the next few weeks.

Our aim is to build a more inclusive community regardless of your ability whether it’s running, walking, trekking, mountaineering, etc. and we certainly wont judge you on your gear preference😉. We’ll bring you relevant information on all things running like more athlete interviews, gear reviews, updated and relevant training information and off course much more adventuring!

We hope to build a platform that each and every one can benefit from.

Thank you!

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Stairway to heaven: The Annapurna Sanctuary


Our travels in Nepal have been both invigorating and taxing, a roller coaster of highs and lows. Our recent trip into the Annapurna Sanctuary ranks well up there amongst the highest highs though. The trek up to Annapurna Base Camp from the south is simply phenomenal. Not as busy as the main Annapurna Circuit Trek, we had mostly empty trails as we ascended the vibrant Modi Khola Valley. With a highest elevation of 4150m, altitude is less of an issue than for some of the other treks and, with our acclimatization well under control, we were able to move quickly and enjoy some running along the way. The climate is also very comfortable and so we could pack light, taking only a clean pair of clothes for evenings and our North Face down jackets and shells to keep us warm and dry up high.

We had crystal clear mornings and full…

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A Guinness World Record set in Cape Town!

On 5 April 2014, AJ Calitz set a new Guinness World Record for The Most Vertical Hight gained in 12 hours! Improving the previous record by 197 vertical meters!


What a great achievement. What a great athlete (profile coming soon).

The Platteklip Charity Challenge, over the last 2 years, have been dominated by Calitz who seem to just get faster and stronger every year! His 2013 record for the most ascends up Platteklip in 11 hours proved that he’s one of the ‘special’ ones and that his record of 12 ascends will probably stand for a few more years.

After setting a record for two years in a row at the Challenge, it then was no surprise that his next challenge for 2014 was to go after the Guinness World Record of The Most Vertical Hight gained in 12 hours! The old record was set in a building but he would have to climb a 2km, 750m Gorge to the top of Table Mountain almost 15 times!

DSC_0926Starting at the bottom of Platteklip Gorge, he would have to ascend to the top of the Gorge, run across Table Mountain to the top cable station and take the cable car down where a car or in this case a scooter will be waiting to take him back to the bottom of the Gorge to start his trip up again. It is only a 5km loop BUT only 2 of those kilometres count toward the record attempt.

Date          : 5 April 2014
Start time  : 06h00
Finish time : 18h00
Location    : Platteklip Gorge, Cape Town. South Africa
Number of ascents : 14.5
Total Hight gained : 10 257m

Some pics of how the day unfolded

Video of his record attempt:

AJ Calitz:

Platteklip Charity Challenge


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